In The Mail: Petersen’s Photographic (1970’s) and the Tiniest Selectric in The World…

The postman was busy this week, dropping off parcels accompanied by typewritten letters from Agents of the Insurgency around the world. From the great state of Maine,  Typewriter Hunter Michael Höhne sent me the first of two large stacks of Petersen’s Photographic magazines that he’s kept around since the 1970’s. Full of useful tips and DIY projects from the Golden Age of 35mm photography, I’m sure up for some interesting reading and trying out stuff, some of which will probably be documented here. Now if I can just get the wife to clean all her hair dye stuff out of my darkroom…

Thanks, Michael! :D

Thanks, Michael! :D

From the great north of the Netherlands comes a package sent on a whim by Typewriter Hunter and Scanner of Rare Typewriter Documents TypesHalfSpaces. Marlize sent me the Tiniest Selectric In The World, which she chanced upon in a thrift store where she lives, and thought “That should be in *this person’s* collection!”  Along with the Selectric (which doubles as a clock, assuming I can locate the tiny battery that powers it) she also enclosed a packet of crest-finish typing paper in a size that is probably common in Europe, but is a bit skinnier and longer than the American “letter” size. It has a nice hard finish that should be good for typecasting. (:

isn't it cuuute!? Thanks, Marlies! :D

isn’t it cuuute!? Thanks, Marlize! :D

Speaking of Typewriter Hunters, I should note that you guys are on a pace to easily hit 3000 Typewriter Galleries by next January 1. Only 91 left to go, and we’re only 2/3rds of the way through November. A month and a third to get 91 more? Easy Peasy. Piotr Trumpiel might pull that off himself, with an uploading pace that allowed him to easily breeze past me to take 3rd place in the Top 10 Hunters List. Lots of new machines to look at, come get your fix today!

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  1. Now that is a CUTE little Selectric.

  2. Feel free to pass along any Photographics you are finished with :)

  3. That is a really neat Selectric. I hope you can find a battery.

    Peterson’s Photographic. I subscribed for many years. Good magazine. Too bad it has never been archived on line.

    I may get more of my typewriters uploaded over the next few week ends.

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