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  1. For “the world’s fastest” should we read “U.S.A.’s fastest”?

  2. I’ll rate them one step behind Underwood before about 1950. I think Underwood made the fastest & snappiest before then. After WWII the European machines became some-what popular and way over rated. Smith-Corona typewriters still out type them all.

  3. Ah, haven’t experienced enough machines to say to that. Claims like this would fall under regular ‘marketing puffery’ I think :)

    But that little spring at the typeguide to give the typebar a quick return is really brilliant – that was inspired engineering, that.

  4. I like how the price points are close enough to nudge the buyer upwards. Nothing new in marketing is there?

  5. That looks familiar! A speed typing prize, maybe… ;)

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