Polaroids: 10 Years Expired

I found a pack of Polaroid 600 film the other day at Deseret, and having had no luck getting a vintage 1981 pack I found some time ago to work, I was only mildly hopeful that this pack, which expired in 2005 might actually work. I dug up my One Step Flash and tried it out.


The Blue Bomber, 1963 IBM Selectric 721

The Blue Bomber, 1963 IBM Selectric 721

Heckle, Itek 975CD Offset Press

Heckle, Itek 975CD Offset Press

Number 6, Tortoiseshell Cat

Number 6, Tortoiseshell Cat

Updated: August 9, 2015 — 8:40 pm


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  1. I blame global warming. :)

  2. Never know which will die first; the film and its chemicals or the battery.

  3. Haunting images. I see why some folk love expired film :)

  4. On eBay recently I saw someone selling old Polaroid photos of random people – eg 1960s lady in bikini, people at a 1970s BBQ. Gave me a nostalgic chuckle.

    Your Polaroid images are super cool – any one of them would make an excellent LP album cover.

  5. Oh, that is cool! I’m impressed that the battery still worked. I never quite understood that attribute of Polaroid design. A battery in each film pack seems pretty wasteful.

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