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  1. Am I right in thinking the mantelpiece on which the couple stand is actually a time machine and they’re now in London in the year 1868?

  2. There is so much that’s fun and fascinating about this post:
    1) KoL (had to Google it and laughed out loud when I did),
    2) KoL CON,
    3) people traveling from the UK to attend KoL CON,
    4) Rev. Munk officiating at the wedding of people from the UK attending KoL CON,
    5) Bazooka Joe,
    6) the lunar eclipse.

    1. Heh, if you want to be more amused, google up “Boozerbear kol”. KOL is about the only place I remain famous for things I did a decade ago.. :D

  3. This typeface has personality. So does the assemblage of less-than-random optics. Nice result considering the lack of a tripod. Or scaffolding ;)

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