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  1. That’s a bit peculiar, but in a way I’m sure most of us can relate. Although I’d be using correction tape. And a manual typewriter. I haven’t touched a bottle of the Devil’s Semen in decades.

  2. Nice to see the typewriter. I agree with Joe; I’d never use white out. I used to hate that stuff when we used typewriters in school, the news room, and several other places where I worked. I still do not like it.

  3. According to a followup tweet, “Typewriter guy has worked for Panthers for 20 yrs. Serves as backup play-by-play log whenever the computers crash.”

    1. ahh, that would make sense. The Wheelwriter is probably a permanent installation then, and wouldn’t need to be carted back and forth. They are a pretty awkward size.

  4. I’m all for using typewriters at every opportunity, but how often do the computers actually crash?

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