My First Thrifted Wristwatch: 1980 Seiko 5 (6309-5180A)

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Seiko 5 Automatic, manufactured May, 1980

Seiko 5 Automatic, manufactured May, 1980. The date readout is a bit odd – seems to be dual-language, with the day name in what looks like Arabic alternating with English day names. I’ll see tomorrow, but I assume it moves the day dial *2* spaces each day, so if you’ve set it to English, it rotates past the Arabic space and clicks to the next English day name, and vice-versa if you set it to Arabic.

2016-03-24c seikoserial 2016-03-24dTeeritz Agenda: How To Buy a Wristwatch, Part 1 – The Dress Watch

Teeritz Agenda: How to Buy a Wristwatch, Part 2 – The Dive Watch

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  1. I’m also a neophyte watch owner, but several years ago I got a Citizen Eco drive, solar powered quartz analog watch, and love it. No more worry about batteries or self-winding mechanisms. Thanks for the links; I also follow Teeritz’s weekly Agenda.

  2. Nice one, Ted! Bear in mind that a lot of these older models may have cases that are made of nickel coated brass. You may find that they just might corrode a little faster. Modern watches use surgical grade stainless steel, which is meant to be hypo-allergenic.
    And yes, the day disc has two languages and, when set to English, it should flip past the Arabic script. Still, it’s wise to try out an inexpensive watch before you decide if you want to ramp it up to something pricier.

  3. Oh yeah! That damn Teeritz and his blog making me crave watches I cannot afford! I can’t help it though as I have to read it anyway… ;)

    The plainness of that Seiko is quite appealing to me and I would have the day disc on Arabic just for fun – I understand it is not a very popular look at the moment but I’m sure it would be hardly visible to anyone but me (and I still have reasonable bearing on which day of the week I am in currently). I’m quite a fan of Seikos as they are great value poor man’s (which I am) luxury watches :)

    So – you can be a superhero named RustMan – breaking into banks and out of prisons…

    1. …and I mean BAD banks and setting free falsely imprisoned people of course ;)

  4. Great looking piece. This is synchronous (watch pun) – I found a 1960’s Seiko Sportsmatic the other day! It has the same 17 jewel basic guts as the 5’s do, me thinks. Plus all stainless steel. Also – 20 bucks!! Here’s to 20 buck Seikos! They’re easier to store than typewriters.

    1. Excellent deal! I hear the Sportsmatics are very collectable! (:

  5. Excellent choice. This author currently sports a Seiko World Time Automatic on his wrist. Very useful for one needs to know the time in Cario, Bangkok, or Interzone.

    1. I’ve not worn a watch into Interzone, it would be interesting to see if a mechanical movement would react the way other mechanical things there do. seems like a rather high potential for plot complications at inopportune times, pun intended. (:

  6. I’ve been a Munk fan for a while, and enjoyed the watch tangent (pun intended). I wear an Apple watch, but fate would have it that I was given one more wrist! Realizing this may look dorky, I don’t care. I type in public, and some people may judge me for that. However, for the most part, I get great responses. I will look for a nice watch like this Seiko.
    Thanks for this thread!

    1. well, however many weeks in, my Seiko is still working fine and not corroding. I give a thumbs up! (:

  7. Seiko pieces are my favorite choice when it comes to diver’s watches.Their craftsmanship is so admirable, Seiko is among the few brands that can offer a high-quality watch at an affordable price. Love your wristwatch & interesting article

  8. Great watch Ted! What was this font typed on also btw for this article?

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