This Typecast Brought to You by the Letters: UN-10-L

Mothra is BACK!

“Mothra” 1972 Selectric Composer Model 6251 @ TWDB

Lyrics (Yuji Koseki)

Mosura ya Mosura
dongan kasakuyan indoo muu
rosuto uiraadoa, hanba hanbamuyan
randa banunradan tounjukanraa
kasaku yaanmu
Mosura ya Mosura
yasashisasae wasure
hito no kokoro inorinagara
utai, ai no uta
Mothra oh Mothra
Hear our call for you to save us
over time, over sea
like a wave you come
our guardian angel
Mothra oh Mothra
the people have forgotten kindness
their spirit falls to ruin
we shall pray for the people as we sing
this song of love
Updated: March 2, 2018 — 10:33 pm


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  1. Mothra! Fun!

  2. Excellent!! 😊

  3. Really neat typewriter.

  4. Gosh, that “wonky” is so distracting to me. My OCD would make me fix that.

    Glad to know it’s working again. With that being the last known belt, hopefully our project will produce something usable.

    1. Yes, I’m cheering you on – Must get more of these monsters back into circulation! (:

  5. Just a tiny bit wonk… the wonk is good.

  6. Big footprint, but looks like fun!

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