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  1. That top photo is a keeper.

    Ah, cars. A curse and a blessing. We’re contemplating ridding ourselves of a 2011 Subaru with the dreaded leaky engine gaskets that Subaru refuses to do a recall on. And then the dreaded car shopping experience, like volunteering to stick your hand in a wasps nest. I guess it beats riding the bus.

    At least my typewriters are dependable- and I’ve got a few spares.

  2. Going through a similar situation here. This winter has been —- on my 15 year old Kia, but it still runs. I do have a Dodge RAM in reserve, but it drinks gasoline 3x as fast as the Kia. If I still lived in VA maybe I just might buy a horse. (oh are thay ever a LOT of work!) I really like the Skyriters too. Best of success replacing the Altima.

  3. Looking forward to the drive-o-sphere once self-driving buggies tale over. ;D

  4. I don’t drive. (Terrible practical eyesight). Buses are amazing! If you collect portables, shopping is a breeze (bring a backpack for the third portable). I suspect the reason I’m able to stay in shape is not driving.

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