Why You Should Own a Typewriter in 2018

Ahh, The Revolution continues apace, with the Great Propaganda of California Typewriter infecting The Message into the minds of people far and wide. It is always exciting to Hear The Great Story told again by a new convert. This popped up in my Youtube feed tonight, which undoubtedly proves yet again how well Google knows me, since I’m such a sucker for clicking on videos involving typewriter stuff. It’s quite a compelling commercial for the Message of The Revolution and is worth a watch:

There’s quite a lot of good typewriter-related content on ‘da Tube, the most obvious to us being our own Joe Van Cleave, who is prolifically maintaining a video series on Typewriter related topics, as well as series focusing on Office Supplies, Photography and Tapes. There are also videos by other Typospherians like the Davis Brothers, and loads of other interesting stuff. I feel like I should review some of the best of it and bring it to the attention of my readers, perhaps start a new Category on the old Blog: “Typewriter TV“. :D

Updated: December 17, 2018 — 9:42 am


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  1. …email gets deleted and people keep the typed messages you send them…
    He makes many other good points that all of us Typosphereians know.
    Thanks for the video.

  2. It’s refreshing to see younger people who “get it”. We can only evangelize on the merits of typewriters and the typewritten word. It does a heart good when someone picks up on it and dives in.

  3. Very enjoyable! Thanks, I’ve shared this on my Facebook pages and alerted “CATW” director Doug Nichol.

  4. That was a great video.

    Here’s a link to the playlists I have set up on my channel, which might be helpful. Since I have to manually put them in their corresponding playlists after they’re uploaded, some of the recent ones might not be there yet.


    1. aha! there we go – I’ve updated to include the links. (:

  5. The sense of discovery you get behind a typewriter is ceaseless, and this video proves that. Wonderful post!

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