Typewriter Podcasts!

Weapon of Choice: “Easy”, 1964 Hermes 3000. Also walking around typing on a Canon Typestar 4, making notes for a Tapecast package back to JoeVC…

ScottK’s”Type O +VE” Podcast

Qwerty Rotten Scoundrels Podcast

Is a podcast anything like a Tapecast? Digital to analog to digital…

Trying to track down squeakiness in my tape deck, only to find that it was the tapes..

Austin Typewriter Ink Podcast

Joe’s Tapecast to me reminded me that I haven’t been using my Underwood 5 very much lately. It’s really not a tough machine to store compactly thanks to the small footprint…

Updated: March 3, 2019 — 8:59 pm


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  1. Never got into podcasts. They be analog to digital and back to analog. I remember having many squeaky cassettes. Koss Pro 4 AA Titanium headphones by chance? Nice looking Underwood No. 5.

    1. Sony MDR-V700 headphones, gettin’ a little long in the tooth, but pretty good cans nonetheless. (:

      Yeah, I’m pretty dumb – I spent like 2 months being sad that my tape decks were all getting squeaky, and never connected it to the NOS box of Sony HF 60 tapes until I thought of running the decks without a tape in ’em. :P

      1. At first I though maybe Sony, but did not recall Sony ever making oval cans.

  2. I’m gonna show Andrea your storage method for large upright machines.

    I’m still wanting a Typestar. Which model do you recommend?

    1. ok, what I’ve learned so far makes me think I was real lucky in finding a Typestar 4. Apparently the Typestar 5 does *not* have the nifty jank-justification feature that I like so much on the 4. I have heard that the Typestar 7 is nice, but I have not encountered one yet. TotallyYourType has a Typestar 220-II that he likes – it has some clipart graphics it can do.

      Anyway, I like my 4, and have heard the 5 is disappointing in comparison. The 7 is probably a good one, but the others I know nothing about. (:

  3. I listened to Episode 7 a couple days ago. Just great. Now I will slowly work through the rest of the Austin Typewriter Ink catalog.

  4. Dear Theodore Munk,

    Thanks for posting on this. A fun listen. And indeed, as you say, we need more repair people. My local typewriter repairman passed away recently in his 90s.

    Well, the typewriting scene may be a bit of a fad but I find typewriting surprisingly practical many instances. I use it when I need to put my scribbled notes in readable order, but for my reference only– no need to edit or make copies, ergo, no need to use the computer. Of course I do most of my writing in WORD on a MacBookPro. I also use the typewriter for recipe cards– typed recipes on index cards are much easier for me to read than my handwriting or random bits of paper. (I wouldn’t want to try to figure out how to print on an index card with my printer…not sure it’s possible and if it is, for sure, a headache to figure it out. ) And again, this is an instance where I have no need to edit (pencil ex post is fine) or make copies. And I love that the typewriter is a single use machine– no pull to “just check” email and whatnot.

    Blog on!

    Kind regards,
    C.M. Mayo

  5. Thanks for your perspective on Austin Typewriter, Ink. podcast. I started the podcast by pure accident. I was doing a podcast for my employer and needed more ‘practice’ since I needed the ones for legal discussion to be more ‘honed.’ I figured why not create some fun podcasts for typewriters in the process. Our first few are somewhat ‘silly,’ because we were not sure if we would do more than a few. But, now that we’re starting to put more zeal into our group I’ve decided to make more of a concerted effort to uptick the quality and subject matter. I appreciate your listening and always welcome an opportunity to do an interview with you in the future. We all have a story or two to share and as you indicated – hearing a voice makes it more personal beyond just the written or typed word. All my best and we do appreciate your support – David “Gimme it!”

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