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Weapon of Choice: 1962 Triumph Perfekt – a perfect flow machine.

Good lord, current Typecast ideas folder is full of reviews of electronic mini-wedges and stories about my current “install new Linuxes on all my laptops” frenzy. This gets more meaningful as the EOL for Windows 7 approaches, because I’m not going to do Windows 10 – gonna have to finally do a full switchover soonish.

Operation O.O.P.R.A.P. Archive list, Update #3.

Rev 3 of OOPRAP is backed up on 3 physically separate hard drives, plus this “Library Edition” zippercase of a dozen DVD-ROMS plus a 64gb USB stick in a fetching leather and canvas zipper case. :D

Updated: April 28, 2019 — 4:41 pm


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  1. More nice work from the Right Reverend Ted.

    That Perfekt is really nice. I have the same typeface on one of my Facits.

    Once you change over to Linux and learn it as well as the available applications you’ll never miss Windoze. I’ve not missed it since about 1997. File system works a bit different, and is formatted different. Much better than Windoze. The only thing I do is format some of my USB sticks for NTFS or FAT32 so I can use teh same files at home or work.

  2. I am eternally grateful for the work you’ve done on Operation: OOPRAP. As an amateur tinkerer, I am frequently in the archive digging around for something.

    About flow: I wrote lots and lots of Great Art on a Kmart Deluxe 100 back in the day :)

  3. Keep up the great work! As for flow – you are right – some machines work like magic, others do not. Case in point, Triumphs, as well made as they are, don’t do it for me. I have to say they are as good as it gets, yet I don’t flow on them. I do flow on my Oly Traveller however!

  4. So much good stuff!
    You’re right, the chance to try out dozens of typewriters is a luxury that people didn’t have when every typewriter was a significant investment, and when the local typewriter shop might carry only a very few brands.

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