Goodbye Desktop Core 2 Duos and Hello Book I’ve Wanted A Long Time

Weapon of Choice: “Moneypenny”, 1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe.

Finally found a copy of this for a reasonable price, after a years-long search.

Current project: decommissioning the last of my Core 2 Duo era desktops.

2005 E6400 @ 2.13ghz out of an HP Leonite mobo.

2006 E7300 @ 2.66ghz out of a Dell Vostro 220.

Socket 775.

Updated: February 1, 2020 — 11:27 am


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  1. I recently, like last week, finally decommissioned my last Core Duo mini desktop and replaced it with a 3 year old (my newest to me PC ever) quad core tower running MX. So far I like it except for some bulk file handling limitation with MX that other distros seemed to handle better.

    What is really fun with old mother boards and PCI cards is macro imaging or even stereo microscope imaging. They remind me of something from Metropolis.

  2. I admire you guys who can make sense of circuit boards and other electronic components. To me, it’s all black boxes: I don’t know how they work, what they do, or what happens inside.

  3. Firewire capture duties? Do you transfer videotape over Firewire as another of your hobbies? I just acquired a Canon GL2 and it’s been an absolute joy to use, and after doing some capturing to an old laptop, absolute hell to deinterlace and convert. Thank the Lord for Youtube tutorials.

    1. Well, a necessity, really. All my video capture gear is mid-oughts era, so it all talks Firewire. My cameras also – MiniDV tapes and cameras that all use Firewire, so it’s sorta like I’m always gonna need to have a machine around that’ll run DOS and has a serial port, in order to support my T200’s. (:

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