1951 – Instructions for Operating the Underwood Sundstrand Automatic Printing Calculator

1951 – Instructions for Operating the Underwood Sundstrand Automatic Printing Calculator

Operating Principles of calculating and printing the elements and results of calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and general business figure problems. Enjoy! (:

Updated: August 27, 2020 — 7:01 pm


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  1. Wow! And some people can’t figure out a typewriter without a manual!

    Thanks for doing these. I think you’re right about the calculators (ever since you kicked my Smith-Corona cash register out of the database), a much more limited following than typewriters (because they’re less actually useful) but the information should not be lost, and you will get a bigger following when the word gets out. I’m always impressed by how many people people from outside the US are in the TWDB. Yea, Internet! Yea, Ted Munk!

    1. heh, thanks – it’s sometimes disheartening to have almost no engagement on the calculator posts and research, but I do understand that ya have to sometimes build the rabbit hole pretty deep before people will start falling in.. :D

  2. Always amazing to see how much complexity is such an innocuous machine – such a limited set of controls, but…

    Having taken a peek inside some mechanical calculators; operating them can already be non-obvious and hairy, but wait till you get to the service manuals! :-D

    1. heh, that’s just a Calculator manual – wait’ll you see the Accounting Machine manuals.. like an inch and a half thick! :D

      1. Actually, I’m one of those weird ones… I actually want an accounting machine and one mechanical calculator!

        I’m looking forward to your posts of these manuals. Maybe I’ll find one that looks interesting now that my typewriter collection is complete. (Fingers crossed behind my back)

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