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  1. Nice tool.
    I’ve thought of making something to hold typebars for soldering when I had machine shop access. Never did make one.

  2. This feels daunting to an imprecise guy like me.

  3. Ted, thanks for this post — but reading this I think you might need a whole category beyond Typewriter Repair 101. Perhaps Typewriter Advanced Calculus or Typewriter Quantum Mechanics. Fascinating to read, but I’m with Richard: this does look daunting.

  4. Quite possibly as intimidating as the idea of dragon dentistry. Whenever I use a typer with a slug replacement, I will pause for a moment to reflect and appreciate even more.

  5. This would be a great topic in our live stream about typefaces!

  6. Hi, there,
    Anybody willing to sell a type-slug soldering gauge?
    Also, a typebar bending pliers?
    Let me know, I’m an interested buyer.


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