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  1. At least you have organization. My lonely Covey binder sits alone on a shelf in the closet awaiting importance once again. Now, did I say I need to get organized?

  2. Card boxes from Michael’s for letters received, a stack for OTP submissions and another for miscellaneous typing. Maybe a few binders are in order…

  3. I’ve recently delved into the old 3 hole bunch/3 ring binder organizing method myself.

    On another note, I would like to be a typewriter hunter Ted. I have a bunch of machines, serial number and related paperwork I would love to add to your database.


    Neil McMichael

    1. Welcome, Typewriter Hunter! (:

  4. Was that Joe namedropping me?

    You have inspired me to make good on my plan to upgrade my system. An accordion-style organizer with eight sections just isn’t cutting it any more.

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