Flat Pocket Notebooks with Pages that Can Be Removed, Added To and Re-Arranged!

Weapon of Choice: “Jubal Harshaw” 1956 Olympia SM3 #785328 Ruling out the cut lines on covers and interior sheets. My original Correspondence Log. My new Correspondence log with pre-printed internal sheets. Required size to fit in the Log Pocket of my Correspondence Binder. Chop-chop! This vintage photo paper chopper is much heavier-duty than modern plastic ones, with a 3 pound razor sharp steel blade. $5 thrift store purchase, and worth every penny! (: The magical ACCO Binding Prongs. Use the holes in the binder to draw in your hole punch targets. Punchy-punchy! Putting it all together.

Updated: December 30, 2022 — 6:23 pm


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  1. nicely done. Well worth the minimal effort! Have you given any though to binding it when it’s full?

    1. Well, the idea is to be able to fill it as needed, and be able to remove, re-add and re-arrange the pages as needed in case I want to take out a sheet, roll it into a typewriter, type on it, then re-add it to the notebook. (:

  2. You always find the best things in your thrift stores! Now I am very jealous! Happy New Year!

  3. Brilliant!

    At work, I used the bigger ACCO versions to bind letter-size reference documents when I was traveling to international meets. Took less space in my luggage than ring binders but still allowed me to add or re-arrange the content.

    Your new notebook is brilliantly using ACCO’s binding system.

    Now, I want to know what is it you call an “episode of correspondance” and how did you use that numbering system in your original correspondance log in the composition notebook photo?

    1. An Episode of Correspondence is what you get if you are a Correspondent. There is a sequential series of Episodes, each consisting of a Letter with attached 3″ CD containing either Audio or Datums in a particular Theme along with relevant Liner Notes, plus a photograph of my Weapon of Choice used to write the Letter. There are currently 8 Episodes plus a Christmas Special Episode (which you can’t get anymore, too late!). Therefore, the Log Book records Episodes 1 through 10 plus X (I assume there will eventually be 10 Episodes) on a page with each Correspondent’s Name and Mailing Address along with extra space for notes.

      In the old Correspondence Log Book, each line in the Composition Notebook has the Name of the Correspondent, and I just wrote the Episode Number sent next to the name as they went out, each after the last number.

      In the example New Log image above, Correspondent “Joe Van Somebody” has been recorded as having been sent Episodes 1 through 7 plus X (The Christmas Special). Thus, next time I get a letter from him, I’ll know to send Episode 8. (:

  4. Ingenious!

  5. Great idea!

    Looks like a quite handy notebook.

  6. It’s actually rather attractive! I have some of those fasteners in my cart on Amazon, but USPS Informed Delivery suggests I have received something in the mail from you. Can’t wait to get home from work!

  7. What are the dimensions of your notebook? I just got my fasteners!!

    1. The format shown above is depreciated and in later posts I updated the size to exactly fit a shirt pocket and the pages are better for typecast format. Here are the new specifications:
      the pages and back cover are 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
      Cover is 4″ x 5 1/2″, with the pen loop fitting in the extra 1/2″.
      for the holes, use the part of the binder with the holes in it and center the outer edges of it about 1 1/8″ from the top and bottom and trace your holes from the holes in the binder.
      Set your hole punch to match the holes you drew, with good backstopping on the back and one side, for consistency of hole punching. Lock those setting in, if you happen to have a spare hole puncher to dedicate to your settings. I use a delightfully adjustable Wilson-Jones Hummer.

  8. what a great idea.

    the re-arranger; planet earth’s first zen lesson notebooklet of the enactment of the temporary! because being present and mindful is being willing to change with new information. re-categorize, re-order, recharge with the re-arrangerâ„¢!

    get yours today for less than the price of a large latte from your local heartless behemoth coffee chain. stop making billionaires richer!

    anyway. . . . maybe a little shorter but yeah. total winner.


  9. You’re always full of neat ideas! I need to join Prongfest too!

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