A Slice ‘O The 90’s – CD Stomper Pro!

Weapons of Choice: EDCN & Thunderbird 2

I’m pretty sure the original owner bought this CD Stomper kit, cut off the UPC code and sent that in for a rebate. Remember when practically everything you bought at Frys’ Electronics had a Rebate Offer that required you to send in the UPC code from the product box? People who collect vintage computer software in the box HATE the little rectangles cut out of thier boxes. Anyway, the original owner never opened the kit again, because nothing inside is even unwrapped from the shrink wrap. I wonder if he ever actually got his rebate. I can’t recall ever getting one back myself. I’m certain it was all a scam.

Updated: January 7, 2023 — 4:36 pm


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  1. Nice find.
    Funny, I just made a few labels for some CW CDs a few nights ago. I’ve got a few CD label kits on the shelf in my shop. I have one in my desk that gets occasional use (like what Morse Code is recorded) that came with an HP PC way back in the old days.

    Happy labeling!

      1. Heh, makes cool art, but on the wrong side of the CD :D


    Those Stompers held the hopes and dreams of mix CD makers around the world. Sadly, the slidy-insertin’-type CD players sometimes don’t like the added thickness of the labels. We once freaked out when one got stuck in my wife’s car stereo… until we realized we could grab the stuck CD by removing the faceplate. Whew!

    I’m really curious about those CDR’s that use a thermal(?) layer to be “printed” on by a special printer. Now if only I could fit one of those discs in a thermal typewriter!

    1. Thank you! :D

      What you’re thinking of is called “Lightscribe”. I have a bunch of Lightscribe burners (they were pretty common on the late-oughties machines I tend to pick up) but Lightscribe discs basically unobtainium, or at least stupid expensive. Still hoping to find a nice, un-used spool of 100 of ’em at a thrift store. (:

      They wouldn’t work with a thermal print head – the coating on them reacts like REALLY SLOW photographic film and is scored by the CD burner’s laser. Thermal heads do electrostatic charge.

  3. I used to have one of those labelers long ago. It ended up in a thrift store too lol when I started writing on the CD’s with Sharpies. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Munk!!!

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