EDCN Quicker-Release Prongs, Yet Newer Covers and My Parker Jotters

Weapon of Choice: 1946 Royal Quiet De Luxe #A-1218244 Testing out all of my working Jotter refills. All .07 ball points, I’m afraid. I ordered a pack of .05 Gels and a .05 mechanical pencil converter, which I’ll likely switch to. Some useful links on dating a Parker Jotter. There’s apparently some info out there relating to the dates certain colors of plastic were used for the cap threads, but I can’t find it. Someone comment below if you know that info – it seems useful for determining the decade for more modern Jotters.

http://dirck.delint.ca/beta/?page_id=4757 The new EDCN covers are slightly extended to allow the insides to have a quicker-release folding prong to hold & organize even more paper inside the front and back covers. Matched Set: EDCN and EDCN Accessories Kit (contains glasses, scissors, glue stick, custom rubber stamp & ink pad, cleaning cloth, small ruler, set of 6 Sakura Microns and a couple colors of Parker Jotter refills)

Updated: January 19, 2023 — 2:32 pm


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  1. The saga of the EDCN continues. I look forward to the next revision.

  2. We’re nearing peak EDCN prong-ness! That’s what Prongfest is all about!

    1. Hey Ted! I’ve been meaning to ask, what does your logo – the scull wearing a fez – mean?

      1. It means I am stylish, ancient and justified – kind of like the KLF. :D

        1. KLF is gonna rock you! They had what I believe is a one-off album under the moniker The Timelords featuring the track “Doctorin’ the TARDIS”. Even had a music video for it!

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