Robot, I May Be Asking You To IMAGINE, but I Really Mean “Prove To Me That You Can’t”

Weapon of Choice: “Uncanny Valley” 2022 Midjourney Roboto BSAN Yeah – not exactly what I’m looking for. It’s kinda fez-like, but strong Jackie O vibes, and if that’s the best you can do, then you don’t know what one is.. There we go – no robot can steal as well as a human with Photoshop. Behold: my new Facebook page header! :D An Antidote to Ideas – you know, like this:
So what’s this about the Xanadu Glow? Welcome, youngster to the culture of Gen X:

Also, RIP Olivia Neutron Bomb. ):

Updated: February 2, 2023 — 4:09 pm


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  1. OTP coded typecast! That’ll keep ’em guessing. :D

  2. Thing about AI is the first half, artificial. Intelligence? We really need a better word. After all, even Siri and Alexa seem to know quite a bit until I ask a question about RF engineering.

    Good that you stumped it with a Fez.

  3. I won’t give it ALL away, but the first few words are “so the cipher series appears to be…”. :) (and no, I don’t have the machines or typeballs – just good ‘ol pencil & paper)

  4. Forgot to add – all the typos slowed me down, but it ended up taking half an hour to decode. English is predictable.

    1. Yuh, brute force isn’t too hard if you have enough letters to work with – I thought maybe the random omission of spaces might slow ya guys down tho. :D

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