Month: February 2023

Mail Call & ArtCipher 5

See, the thing is this; I type as the SPIRIT wills, speaking in tounges that even I don’t understand afterwards. Ask me what it’s about and I’ll shrug, a vessel wrung out through the fingers onto the 13″ platen 1973 IBM Selectric II holding the tiny 3 1/2″ wide newsprint canvas. The SPIRIT done rode […]


Weapon of Choice: “Dr. Lizardo” 1973 IBM Selectric II #26 1220365 Beguiled by the beauty of the Calligraphy typeball, I neglected to switch into encryption mode for Number 4. Hopefully it will slip under the radar of Indifference, else the secret will be out… And let’s throw a little noise in there, to trick the […]

Mail Call! Three Letters Today! :D

Typewriter Club Live: 2023-02-05 Here’s an interesting binder that holds the pages of the 1950 Olympia SM2 Parts Manual I just scanned… How does the Correspondence System work when I get THREE letters in a single night, and my desk is covered in pages of a 1949 AMES Catalog I’m scanning? Well, for tonight I […]

1961 Adler Typewriter Type Font Styles

When someone purchased a particular Adler Primus serial number 3141007 in 1961, it would be clear to later investigators (me) that the purchaser was very interested in choosing just the right typeface for thier new portable typewriter. They had requested from the dealer a full typestyles catalog, chosen Ransmayer & Rodrian #84 Ra (Elite Imperial) […]