The ABQ Gang Invades!

Joe & Ted @ The Drunk Munk (no relation)
Tori & Ted, trying not to be annoyed at the live DJ playing completely inappropriate music for a Tiki Bar. Were it me, I’d be spinning Arthur Lyman, The Insect Surfers and Yma Sumac. Typewriter Club Live 2023-04-16

Weapon of Choice: Bill Wahl’s personal desktop SG-1 with techno typeface.
He Who Must Not Be Seen was here as well (: Joe’s Video Report:

Updated: April 20, 2023 — 8:32 pm


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  1. What a fantastic adventure! I look forward to hearing more about the visit.

  2. Your area is such a hopping hot spot of typewriter fun. Enjoyed reading your post – an envy-inducing postcard from the Desert Southwest – wish I was there!

  3. This looks incredibly fun. (And I want that New Century Caligraph!)

  4. We had a blast! Currently on the road, headed to Cabinetlandia!

  5. Thanks for bringing everybody over, it was tons of fun! I was unfamiliar with these Junkeez of Phunk of which you spoke, so I looked them up. Thank you for opening my ears to this most fitting anthem of the fine town of Buckeye!

    1. oh, heh, I assumed you knew all about the Junkeez. :D

  6. Good times — thanks for sharing!

  7. what a meeting !!!!

  8. Glad you all had a great meeting. Looked like a lot of fun, and the drinks looked quite refreshing.

  9. Typewriters and Tiki… is that heaven? No, it’s Arizona.

  10. That sound like a great time. It was great finally meeting in person a few weeks back at MTE when I picked up my maroon Continental. Would have hung out longer, but my lunch hour is never long enough.

    1. It’s never long enough when you’re visiting a typewriter shop like MTE :D

  11. It was so fun seeing (most of) you all on one screen during the meeting! It’s too bad Kevin didn’t join in; I would have liked to say hello. The Kevin episodes of JVC are some of the best. I bet your attempts at getting a “family discount” at the Drunk Munk are about as effective as mine are at J.J. Short. Curious what your drink of choice is, by the way.

    1. The selection was limited. I started with a weak Mai Tai and traded with Tori, who had a boozier drink that was a joint special I forget the name of.

  12. That trip looked fun! Tiki Bars need love too.

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