1. Dang! What a deal.

    The n looks like it has to pee.

    1. It does! That made me laugh.

  2. Great SM9, especially for a whopping $7.99!

  3. Remove the remaining card guide and it will look great. You did the right thing. Conscience clear.

  4. Nice find. Your sample is the exact appearance of mine, which has proven to be a worthy typer.

    1. I expect it should be. We have another 1966 SM-9 that is Tori’s favorite, and I’m letting go of another long-carriage SM-9 of that era that I very much like, just to make room for this one. :D

  5. Cheapest typewriter I ever got was a Hermes 2000 for ten bucks, but I think it cost me another fifteen in fuel to go pick it up. Eight bucks for a SM9 is an absolute steal. Not Again’s purchase was the work of a criminal mastermind.

  6. very nice deal. I tend to agree with that about cheap oly’s

  7. Sweet deal! I recently snared a cheap SM-3 at at thrift store, but not that cheap!

    1. Man, I sure wish I could get SM-3’s at the thrifts. All I get are 9’s and a 7 (not that I’m complaining about that!) :D

  8. The curl on the uppercase Q is rather interesting. Haven’t seen one like it before!

  9. A 1966 machine and still no 1 on it? I’m surprised! I actually expect them on every machine after WWII. And what’s that crossed out ‘c’ for?

    1. Ahh then you’ll be disappointed. Many machines after WWII didn’t have a “1” key. (:

      The crossed-out “c” is the American “cent” symbol.

      1. Oh, I thought that was with a stripe from head to toe, instead of a slash.

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