Month: May 2014

New Olivetti Serial Numbers found!

I was contacted this morning by Enrico Morozzi, a typewriter collector in Italy who is a member of the Typewriter Database. Mr. Morozzi had recently obtained a very nice Studio 42 from an ex-Olivetti employee, and the typewriter was accompanied by a sheet of paper which he kindly re-typed out and sent to me, along […]

Stapler of the Week: 1938 Ace Pilot Model 404

Found at a Goodwill for $2 a few weeks ago, the Ace Pilot is a simple-looking, but feature-rich stapler.  It has a unique anvil with a flip-up staple splayer rather than a two-position anvil that clicks into the two positions. It also features a ratcheted striker mechanism unique to these chrome Ace staplers, that makes […]

Brother Serial Numbers Unified for all models?

So, I paged through the bulk of the Brother documentation, and it looks like I have pretty good coverage of Brother models between the late 70’s to the early 90’s, very heavy on the 80’s. Good news for Brother Electric appreciators. This documentation extends up to the WP series word processor line and at least […]

A Brotherly Bonanza

Interesting, eh? I was at MTE today poking around at stacks of old service manuals (a large leather-bound Victor Calculator Service Manual binder caught my attention, but it turned out to be filled with the service manual for a Smith-Corona Electric), and Bill mentioned that he had 2 boxes of old Brother service manuals that […]