Month: August 2014

Radio of The Month: Sony ICF-2010

I’ve always wanted a nice shortwave radio receiver, but they don’t show up in thrift stores very often, so when I saw this one at Deseret for $7 a couple of months ago, I snapped it up without hesitation. However, when I got it home and rigged up a regulated power supply for it, I […]

Isaac Asimov’s Typewriter

As seen on The Beeb’s  “Real History of Science Fiction” Season 1, Episode 1 (Robots):  Isaac Asimov at his Baby Selectric model 7×1 I have two of these fantastic little typers (well, “little” compared to most other Selectrics), and I loves ’em as much as Isaac apparently did.

Grandad’s Little Pony (135)

1971 Royal Sprite, built by Silver Seiko in Japan. Joe in his later civilian years, selling Skampers to Yankees. Grandad’s Kodak Pony 135 and a Gossen Pilot light meter (The Pony has *no* light metering) The Pony 135 is a simple, all-mechanical “zone focus” camera (the viewfinder has no focusing/rangefinding aids), made mostly of Bakelite […]