Month: April 2019

New stuff comin’

Weapon of Choice: 1962 Triumph Perfekt – a perfect flow machine. Good lord, current Typecast ideas folder is full of reviews of electronic mini-wedges and stories about my current “install new Linuxes on all my laptops” frenzy. This gets more meaningful as the EOL for Windows 7 approaches, because I’m not going to do Windows […]

New TWDB “Mechanic’s Club” Patreon Tier!

Ooh, look! Patreon and Sellfy have set up an API that allows us to offer discounts at the TWDB Sellfy Store ( to TWDB Tier-level Patrons through some arcane technomagic. We’ve set up our first Patreon Tier and we waved the magic wand over it that theoretically should have set up the method by which […]