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Sundstrand-Underwood Adding and Accounting Machines Dates of Manufacture by Serial Number, and Features and Keyboards Reference

Well, I’ve been making noise about working on adding machine stuff, seeing as I’ve been getting crates of Parts, Service and other dealer documentation on the things lately. This last batch of donated NOMDA Blue Books and an Underwood, Sundstrand and Elliot-Fisher Line Book have given me enough information to finally put together good Age […]

Paymaster Series 8000 Ribbon Writer

Ok, I admit it. I finally met the Checkwriter I couldn’t resist.  As a thrift-huntin’ typewriter collector, I occasionally see a Paymaster Checkwriter sitting in the same general area that typewriters are stashed. Although always intrigued and tempted by these neat very mono-purpose printing machines, I’ve always held back on buying one (and you do […]

Slide Rules

I have a habit of pulling wire-bound books out of the shelves of thrift stores to take a peek at the covers. Usually they’re cookbooks, but I’m on the hunt for a book called “Rocky’s Typewriter Repair Manual” by Clarence LeRoy Jones, which I’ve never seen a copy of, but I expect it’ll be wire-bound. […]