Month: August 2021

Monster Scouts Field Typewriter Mark 1 With Tripod

Weapon of Choice: “Nick Charles” 1956 Empire Aristocrat #S2/268670 Redubbed: “Monster Scouts Field Typewriter Mark 1 With Tripod” Previously known as the Empire Aristocrat Tripod Field Typewriter. Tripod Mount project Part 1 – Part 2 Be sure to tape off the buttons! (: Cleaning the machine with white gas (Coleman Fuel), then blow it out, […]

This Typecast Brought to You by the Letters: P-8-M

Weapon of Choice: “Mothra” 1972 IBM Selectric Composer #5016537 I’m currently writing a reply to Thom Cholowski over at Rebel Typewriter in Saskatoon, in reply to this *handmade* Airmail Telegram. Museum-quality fabrication and aging, which is no surprise, as I believe that this one of the things Thom does professionally, other than fixing typewriters. I […]