This Typecast Brought to You by the Letters: P-8-M

Weapon of Choice: “Mothra” 1972 IBM Selectric Composer #5016537

I’m currently writing a reply to Thom Cholowski over at Rebel Typewriter in Saskatoon, in reply to this *handmade* Airmail Telegram. Museum-quality fabrication and aging, which is no surprise, as I believe that this one of the things Thom does professionally, other than fixing typewriters. I am hard pressed to match this level of creativity. :D

Postcard from Donald Woo in Toronto, with fun news about what he’s calling the new feet I sent him. “Rubber Tactile Feedback Stabilizers” he calls them. Catchy!

Postcard from Gregory Short in California, also about the feets. I still have some left, ready to go, just inquire!

“A Typecast Each Day”, 2013, Marlies Louwes.

“Typewriter Convention” 2013, Georg Sommeregger.

“Prince Henry” 2013, Sheena Pennell.

“Pimp My Write” 2013, R P.

“Typists’ T-Shirts” 2013, Rob Bowker.

“She Was The Prettiest Bride” 2013, Nicole Ray.

“The Golden Touch” 2013, T. Munk.

“Kirjoituskoneet” 2013, Nick Beland.


Additionally, I dug up some other postcards from my box of treasures, which some lucky correspondent might find in their mailbox…

And below is a section of a postcard I’m sending to another lucky correspondent, a vintage one where the text was typeset on a Composer! Sure, mine has slightly janky alignment, but it’s over 50 years old. Note the “S” positioning on the line of the text below – consistently low and to the right, and the machine that typeset this was probably only a year or so old at the time.

Updated: August 9, 2021 — 9:44 am

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  1. At first I thought you may have been using a worn type element even though the typeface looked much larger than 8pt. I have a few 8pt elements also. The tiny size is fun to use. I’ve got a few sets of Rob’s postcards myself.

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