Month: May 2023

Going With The Flow

Weapon of Choice: 1959 Smith Corona Skyriter #3Y 210063 Typewriter Club LIVE 2023-05-07: Heh, I just noticed on re-watching the TCL meetup that Brian G wore his Galactic Federation of Typewriter Repair Rangers shirt, but was working on his Panasonic folding record player. Franklin-Covey “Classic” hole puncher – at a thrift store near you! Two […]

Finding the *right* ribbon for a machine

Weapon of Choice: 1959 Smith Corona Skyriter #3Y 210063 Weapon of Choice: “Einstein” 1956 Smith Corona Silent #5S 529594 When you have intact and still supple feet, but the bottoms are shiny and slippery, try sanding the shine off and enjoy fresh grippiness! The old glue on the typebar rest dried out, but that’s easily […]

A delightful Elite face Skyriter! :D

Weapon of Choice: 1959 Smith-Corona Skyriter #3Y210063 Actually, there is something(s) I need to do to this Skyriter, first, prepare for a BESTICKERING! (been savin’ up stickers for just this occasion) And clean that typeface out! Squirt, squirt, scrubby, scrubby… Mmmm, much better! Now we’re talkin”! :D Currently in the earholes: