Mail Call: Coffee, Tea or Microcassette? Why Not All Three? :D

Weapon of Choice: Mitsubishi Pencil Company Boxy 100 ballpoint pen. I love the size, flat sides and fine point, but it’s a little lightweight and I feel I write a little less readably when I look at the result. The pen itself looks very futuristic! The Booty! :D I had the Teeccino Maple Pecan, which was quite coffee-like for tea. An interesting and flavor-forward combination. Tori had the Passionfruit Peach, which was much more tea-like. Here’s a nice letterhead made by hand *and* nature over a period of months (maybe years!). A lovingly crafted ink drip and hand-stamped postcard. I’ma hold onto these for a bit and admire them, then someday in the future, some lucky Correspondent will get one of these surprises secondhand with some nonsense I’ve scrawled on it. :D Gregory hand-wrote his letter with fountain pens and various inks. Hey, look – it does have a Magenta sheen! (: He made a tiny painting and protected it in its own envelope. Unfortunately the finish was still sticky, and it’s glued inside the envelope. There’s gonna be some paper residue on it that I’ll need to figure out how to remove.
Currently in the earholes: (Well, not the Mitsubishi Boxy 100 ballpoint pen – do *NOT* put pens in your earholes!)

Updated: May 19, 2023 — 9:41 pm


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  1. I don’t know if it’s the paint I used or what, but it felt slightly sticky to the touch WEEKS after I painted it. So my greatest fear was realized. Or, maybe it’s just part of the “art” now? I’m not a real artist, anyway, but it’s still a shame. Now, I think maybe I should have wrapped it in wax paper. And to think I used to frame and package art for a living. Google tells me that lukewarm water and a soft brush might work. Or just leave it as mixed media.

    My doctor once told me to give up coffee. That’s when I knew he was a quack. Me? Give up coffee? Yeah, right. But, if I ever did, Teeccino would be my drink of choice. The Java and Dark Roast are my favorites. It’s scary how coffee-like they are. They take creamer very well, but I suspect you take your coffee like you take your typewriter ribbons: black. (I do wonder what bichrome coffee would taste like, though.)

    1. We shall see on Sunday how I like the Java and Dark Roast. Your package was delightfully full of experiences! (:

  2. Very nice!

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