Month: December 2018

Feeling Blessed for The Holidays

Weapon of Choice: 1983 Brother EP-20 “New” Dell Studio XPS from Key Snap. 6-Core AMD Phenom II X6 1045T @2.70GHz, 8gb RAM, Video: EVGA GeForce GTX 750ti w/2gb RAM. All set up and workspace cloned.. The Old machine that the XPS replaces – a 4-Core i5 Intel, 6gb RAM, no video card. I’ll be rebuilding […]

Sourcing and Replacing FEG R-61 Firing Pin

Ahh, the Ninties. The Wall had just fallen (no, not *that* Wall, the Berlin Wall) and the Iron Curtain had crashed down under the weight of insanely paranoid defense spending during the Reagan years. Newly ex-Soviet Bloc governments privatized their weapons factories and scrambled to raise hard currency by selling off surplus police and military […]

Why You Should Own a Typewriter in 2018

Ahh, The Revolution continues apace, with the Great Propaganda of California Typewriter infecting The Message into the minds of people far and wide. It is always exciting to Hear The Great Story told again by a new convert. This popped up in my Youtube feed tonight, which undoubtedly proves yet again how well Google knows […]