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  1. Genius! I also got a paper roll holder made for 8.5″ wide fax machine paper. Video pending for tomorrow.

  2. And thus the Papa John paper feeder was born! ;D

  3. The 3 1/8″ receipt paper for typecasting is a really slick idea. I also really like the auto justify trick that your Typestar 4 does. I’m afraid my Typestar 5 has no such trick.

    1. That’s surprising, I would have thought the Typestar 5 would have more fonts/features than the 4.

      1. I know, right? The numbering scheme Canon used is cryptic at best. I’ve got a Typestar 7 coming sometime this week, and I suspect that one’s got ALL the bells and whistles on it. I’ll post a full review on these two when the second one gets here.

        Also, I forgot to mention I like what you did with the multiple-exposure photography. Very tasteful and it serves your writing well – nicely done, sir! :)

        1. That’ll be interesting to see. I think Polt’s manual page has the Japanese (dual-language) Typestar 7 manual on it, in case you need one, contributed by John Munroe in Japan who is a big fan of the Typestar 7’s.

          Heh, thanks! I like the time dilation effect of exposure layering, both with film (really love finding already-shot film rolls in thrift store cameras, perfect for stacked exposing) and digital. (:

          1. Hi Ted, I like how you did the roll holder for the thermal paper I found thermal paper roll for fax I think it’s fine anyway for my Canon S-50 and S-70.
            I also saw on Polt’s manual page but what you say is version 6 and not 7 maybe I get a 7 from England with a manual if needed.

          2. Thank you so much, Ted

  4. Some neat ideas Ted. I get the impression Brother uses a harder rubber on their feed rollers and in their feed systems. I noticed I cannot reliably feed certain weight paper and card stock in my Brother printers, but the same produces work fine in my HP and Canon printers. All are about the same range and quality.

  5. I got a Sharp PA-1050 recently and the print head doesn’t come into contact with the paper, so there is no imprint. There’s a little white arm attached to the gear system that is clearly designed to press the print head to the paper, but it doesn’t even come close. Nothing appears to be broken. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like in there, but I suspect incorrect parts were used as replacements.

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