Month: February 2013

ITAM Appreciation: “Joanie” 1964 Hermes 3000

It won’t matter what these fields are called in your application. Here is a list, in order, of what fields should be exported. “Required” fields, if left blank, will result in that record not being imported: 1) Manufacturer/Marque [required](brand) Note: This field will be matched against’s table of manufacturers. if an exact non-case sensitive […]

Beta Testers for Typewriter Database Wanted!

Typewriter Database is now seeking typewriter collectors who have photos of their collections and serial numbers handy to beta-test the Typewriter Gallery Uploader. If you would like to be among the first intrepid Typewriter Hunters to upload typewriter galleries for your collection and sightings, please leave a comment below indicating you would like to be […]

Damn and blast you, eBay!

*Sigh*, I’m getting consistently sniped anytime I bid on things on eBay. This time I’m extra-sad because the item that got sniped from me at the last second now was this: Ames General Catalog No. 9, which is very likely the same or a newer edition of source #11 for the Typewriter Database. It’s a […]