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Thriftin’ Report 2022-10-03

Weapon of Choice: “Dr. Lizardo” 1973 IBM Selectric II #26 1220365 Correspondence: Episode 7 – The X Files. Nobody’s got this far yet, but I’m getting the feeling that Episode 7 will be the last for awhile. I feel it’s important to put an endpoint to things once you feel like you have completed the […]

Automatical Justified Typin’ from an NTS WP-10c

Weapon of Choice: 1990 NTS WP-10c SlabTop Word Processor Weapon of Choice: 198x Royal (Nakajima) Alpha 2015 #42320862 ProTip: Peel off that WP-10 sticker and it uncovers the Citizen 10WP that’s actually silkscreened onto the shell. Weapon of Choice: 198x Olivetti 900X #85330822198x Surprise! Looks like the WP-2 also has the option 32k SRAM installed, […]

What’s Happenin’ Now?

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 3” 1966 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #D6216161 Weapon of Choice: 2008 Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook Diamondville Intel Atom N270 (1.6 GHz/533Mhz FSB/512K cache) 2gb DDR2 RAM, 8gb PATA SSD, 1200×600 8.9″ screen Intel US15W Express Running: AntiX Linux 19 I know, a tiny machine with a single-core processor is hardly […]

I got a box from Joe! :D

Always a fun thing to get, this box contained a brace of vintage writer’s slabtops, which Joe decided to downsize and send to me to add to my already varied collection of such machines. Constant readers of this blog will have noted my occasional article on my 1980’s Tandy laptops (TRS-80 Model 100 and 200s […]

Friends from New Mexico & A Surprise Solution to 8-Bit Printing

Weapon of Choice: 198x Olivetti 900X #85330822 Joe Van Cleave’s Blog Post on his trip. WriteElephant’s “Letters From Nakajima“. “Scannin’, Scannin’, Scannin’” Scanned so far: 194x-Rex-O-Graph 194x-Speed-O-Print_Model_L-Instructions 194x-Woodstock-220k_SVC 195x-1962-Speed-O-Print_Parts-PriceLists 195x-Speed-O-Print_Liberator_200-Userman 197x-Brother_JP3-Parts 197x-Brother_JP4-Parts 1947-Woodstock-830k_SVC 1954-Woodstock_PPLnSVC 1955-RC-Allen_M600-M700-PnSVC 1957-1968-Copy-Rite_Duplicator 1958-Everest_K2-Parts 1959-Speed-O-Print-SVC 1962-Adler_Special-SVC 1964-Adler_Junior-10-20-30_SVC 1964-Adler_Junior-10-20-30-Parts 1964-Speed-O-Print_Copier-SVC 1967-Brother_JP2-Parts 1969-Adler_Gabriele_5000-Parts-SVC 1969-Adler_Universal-200-239-400-SVC 1970-Royal_Jupiter-10-12-12-Award-1300-SVC 1969-Royal_Jetstar-SVC 1973-Royal_690-Update-SVC 1972-Royal-590-595-790-795-Functional_Test 1974-Royal_2000_Centurion_Medallion-SVC 1962-Robotyper_Royaltyper-SVC 1955-1973-Royal_Portable_A-Parts 1959-Royal_Diana_Administrator-Parts 1955-1965-Royal_Royalite-Parts 1976-Royal_Sahara_Caravan-Adler_Tippa-Parts […]

Vintage Laptop Collecting?

Hmmn, looks like I have a collection of vintage laptops now. I never really thought about it because I only bought the one Thinkpad T21 at a thrift store, and the rest have been given to me because they “didn’t work” in some way or were replaced by newer machines and weren’t wanted anymore. The […]

Alphasmart Dana: First Impressions

Well, the Alphasmart Dana has arrived, and contrary to the Ebay ad, it did have a stylus installed already. And wow, this thing is as clean as a whistle aside from a small school item id# written discreetly on the side with a silver sharpie. C17 is this unit’s designation from its previous owner, and […]