Cyber Monday 30%+15% off TRBs, Plus Mothra Comes Back To The Desk

The Lulu sale has gotten even better! now you can get the 15% base discount on Typewriter Repair Bibles, plus use the discount code “CYBERMONDAY30” for an additional 30%  “LULU20” for 20% off of your Lulu order (all caps, expires Dec 5 on midnight). Get ’em while they’re hot!

And now some other stuff not related to TRBs:

Weapon of Choice: “Mothra” 1972 IBM Selectric Composer.

Unrelated, but fun pickup. Apparently the “media dock/port replicator” accessory for most old subnotebook computers can be easily found cheap on the ‘bay. I got this one for my favorite bedside laptop Dell Inspiron D410 for $15 shipped. You dock the computer on top of it to gain a bunch more ports including an all-important-for-retrocomputing Centronics parallel port and RS-232 Serial port, plus extra USB ports and a DVD/CD Burning drive.

Updated: December 29, 2019 — 9:26 am


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  1. I need to sell all my repair bibles so I can get the new discounted ones!
    I also need to give MX a try.

  2. Mothra sure produces beautiful work. I hope to see her in action in person sometime.

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