Month: June 2015

The Royal Sabre of Portugal

Oh, and just so you know I’m not off my Composer kick, look what’s headed my way as you read this: Nick T’s Composer and typeballs, adopted by yours truly to the Corral of Increasingly Print-Industry Related Machines. We’ll see how I do with one of these finicky difference engine escapement typewriters when it has […]

Presshunting: A. B. Dick 320

When I was fairly little, about 8 or 10, my dad brought home an old A. B. Dick tabletop offset printing press (they’re actually called “duplicators” when they’re this small) and set up the beginnings of his print shop right there in the laundry room of the little ranch house on Dolphin avenue. This was […]

Machines Should Work – People Should Think!

Well, it turns out Olivetti wasn’t the only typewriter company producing trippy acid-fueled industrial films in the 1960s’. IBM got into the game too, and in 1967 commissioned Muppets creator Jim Henson to produce this short film extolling the benefits of IBM office products, including the newly introduced Selectric Composer. A weirder mix of suits […]