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  1. Great video, not so great Olivetti Lettera 35?

  2. Lovely short film. I can smell the inks!

  3. Several years ago I made a similar narrow paper roll dispensor for typecasting, using 6″ wide white paper rolls used for automotive paint masking. I called it a LAROP.



  4. Great! Now I want a small letterpress.

    1. Yeah, I am constantly tempted by the thought of a small Vandercook proofing press like he demonstrates in the film. What keeps me from making the plunge is the thought of collecting all the typefaces and bits of hardware you need to actually run the thing (try finding quoins and keys these days!)

      I actually spent almost a decade running offset in the same building as a lady running an old upright iron letterpress that dated back to the 20’s. When she retired, she sold the press and a WHOLE GARAGE full of types and hardware for some paltry amount that I probably could have scraped up even in my 20’s, had I the foresight. I just need to luck out on a deal like that again… /:

      1. The follies of short-sighted youth. May you stumble upon a similar garage with greater wisdom.

        My brother and sister each have one of my dad’s small card-sized letterpresses and several trays of type and accessories (during his life my dad was a HUGE printing enthusiast). Maybe I will pay my siblings a visit and play with their toys.

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