Month: March 2019

Mustang Saturday

Weapon of Choice: 1972 Royal Mercury. Tan older-model Aceliner for $2, a pair of Fujitsu M2551A08 floppy drives @$3 each. Also $3 for an empty older-style woodside Portable Pub case. Without the barware inside, I feel it’s a good candidate for new carrying case for my Underwood 3-Bank. Installing a new silk ribbon with metal […]

The Brothers 3

Weapon of Choice: 1971 Remington Automatic 612 (Brother JP-4) I’m also working on a package for Joe, and according to the audio letter he sent, I have about 3 months to fill up the opposite side of the tape. Well now, 3 months is enough time to fill up a whole box, I’d think. Since […]

Typewriter Podcasts!

Weapon of Choice: “Easy”, 1964 Hermes 3000. Also walking around typing on a Canon Typestar 4, making notes for a Tapecast package back to JoeVC… ScottK’s”Type O +VE” Podcast Qwerty Rotten Scoundrels Podcast Is a podcast anything like a Tapecast? Digital to analog to digital… Trying to track down squeakiness in my tape deck, only […]