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My First Olympia SM9

Weapon of Choice: “Doris Day” 1966 Olympia SM9 #3098142 Joe Van Cleave: Olympia SM3 & 9 Comparison The “Carriage Lock Discount” as found. I suppose it needed a little work cleaning that price tag & grease pencil “Needs Some Work” off of it, but it functioned perfectly then and still does. Oh hey, now final […]

Finding the *right* ribbon for a machine

Weapon of Choice: 1959 Smith Corona Skyriter #3Y 210063 Weapon of Choice: “Einstein” 1956 Smith Corona Silent #5S 529594 When you have intact and still supple feet, but the bottoms are shiny and slippery, try sanding the shine off and enjoy fresh grippiness! The old glue on the typebar rest dried out, but that’s easily […]

A delightful Elite face Skyriter! :D

Weapon of Choice: 1959 Smith-Corona Skyriter #3Y210063 Actually, there is something(s) I need to do to this Skyriter, first, prepare for a BESTICKERING! (been savin’ up stickers for just this occasion) And clean that typeface out! Squirt, squirt, scrubby, scrubby… Mmmm, much better! Now we’re talkin”! :D Currently in the earholes:


Weapon of Choice: “Dr. Lizardo” 1973 IBM Selectric II #26 1220365 Beguiled by the beauty of the Calligraphy typeball, I neglected to switch into encryption mode for Number 4. Hopefully it will slip under the radar of Indifference, else the secret will be out… And let’s throw a little noise in there, to trick the […]

Third Score of the 2022 Typewriter Hunting Season: 1956 Olympia SM3 (the perks of paying attention in TCL chat)

Weapon of Choice: “Jubal Harshaw” 1956 Olympia SM3 #785328 1956 Olympia SM3 #785328 (Hunter Teresa C’s collection) So the Typewriter Gods decided that a gifted Hot Rod Typewriter in swirly purple & silver wasn’t an amazing enough way to end out the 2022 Typewriter Hunting Season. I know, that’s pure crazy talk, but here’s the […]


I set aside a bit of a rainy Saturday to savor the “Guth’s Time in Texas” mixtape and write a Correspondence Episode reply to the sender. Weapon of Choice: “Richard The Deep Breather” 1925 Corona 4 #H506286 Guth said something about being rusty at mixtapin’, but it doesn’t show here in “Guth’s Time in Texas […]

Montgomery Ward Typewriters 1941-1985, Signatures, Forwards and Escorts and why certain rare Royal Typefaces can be found on Brother Typewriters!

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 2” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #B8860433 It’s been a bit since I’ve browsed through Muse Technical’s Department store catalog archive, but the other night someone asked about an 80’s-era Penncrest machine on the FB – and that set me to looking at the archive again. What I’ve found is that […]

Workin’ on the Lettera 22…

Weapon of Choice: “Tony” 1960 Olivetti Lettera 22 #749402 Gerren’s Lettera 22 Video: UPDATE: Currently Gerren is re-editing his video to fix some technical issues – I’ll re-link to the new one when he’s finished. In the meantime, here’s some pics of that escapement adjustment: What you will be doing is loosening the locknut that […]