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My herd of fine writin’ irons.

The Incognito Life

Weapon Of Choice: “Thunderbird 2” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #B8860433 I found this nice leather satchel during a thrift run the other day, $5. Finally something to replace the nasty plastic case these awesome 440T’s come in. :D.

Automatical Justified Typin’ from an NTS WP-10c

Weapon of Choice: 1990 NTS WP-10c SlabTop Word Processor Weapon of Choice: 198x Royal (Nakajima) Alpha 2015 #42320862 ProTip: Peel off that WP-10 sticker and it uncovers the Citizen 10WP that’s actually silkscreened onto the shell. Weapon of Choice: 198x Olivetti 900X #85330822198x Surprise! Looks like the WP-2 also has the option 32k SRAM installed, […]

Adjusting Ring & Cylinder on a Brother JP-1

Weapon of Choice: 1978 Brother Charger 11 #K83712885 Typewriter Club LIVE: 2022-01-23 Time to make some notes in your JP-1 Repair Bible. You make notes in your Bible, right? The following pages are from the Silver-Seiko 700 Series Repair Bible, and they have a clearer explanation of the process of Ring & Cylinder/Platen Parallel and […]

On Typecaster’s Margins…

Weapon of Choice: “Cadwallader” 1963 Olympia SM7 #2335640 Weapon of Choice: “Adwoa” 1961 Swissa Junior #6102535 Weapon of Choice: 1971 Royal (Silver-Seiko) Sprite #NM 1113791 Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 4” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #C8899610 Weapon of Choice: 1925 Underwood Portable 3 Bank #147487

Smith-Corona Electric 5TE Typewriter Serial Numbers Updated!

Weapon of Choice: 1957 Tower Commander #5AT635929 The Previous 5TE Serial List: See: News timeline (mostly by: John Coleman, Peter Weil) New York Times, Atlanta Constitution – October 10, 1956 (announcement) October 21-28, 1956 (stores begin offering limited inventory) January 27, 1957 Brazeal Typewriter Co in Springfield, MO (has one at least for display) […]

Thank you, most sincerely…

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 3” 1966 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #D6216161 Background Typer (with newly started letter in it): “Thunderbird 4” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #C8899610 Yes, I’m still in love with my 440Ts :D New feet for Hermes HP2-58 and HP2-66, part of an order destined for a typewriter shop in Colorado. Doin’ […]

Electra Bearcat III Scanner user manual

Weapon of Choice: “Eugene”, 1970 Webster XL-747 #L0944386 I was typing a letter to Gregory during TCL this week, but he’s not getting it, at least not the physical manifestation thereof, ’till I see his next volley. Instead it does double-duty as an OTP submission… TCL – Sep 12, 2021: My 1979 Ace Scout (2b) […]

Monster Scouts Field Typewriter Mark 1 With Tripod

Weapon of Choice: “Nick Charles” 1956 Empire Aristocrat #S2/268670 Redubbed: “Monster Scouts Field Typewriter Mark 1 With Tripod” Previously known as the Empire Aristocrat Tripod Field Typewriter. Tripod Mount project Part 1 – Part 2 Be sure to tape off the buttons! (: Cleaning the machine with white gas (Coleman Fuel), then blow it out, […]

This Typecast Brought to You by the Letters: P-8-M

Weapon of Choice: “Mothra” 1972 IBM Selectric Composer #5016537 I’m currently writing a reply to Thom Cholowski over at Rebel Typewriter in Saskatoon, in reply to this *handmade* Airmail Telegram. Museum-quality fabrication and aging, which is no surprise, as I believe that this one of the things Thom does professionally, other than fixing typewriters. I […]

UJTU: Three Typewriters Improved In One Evening!

Weapon of Choice: “Starbuck” 1964 Hermes Rocket #6027915 Mmmmmmm, the fresh-baked smell of new typewriter feets! Installation Instructions: Hermes HD2-64 Feets. The original feet? Hard as rocks, crumbly and downright crispy, and still had to be pried off with a screwdriver. Oh, glorious, fresh grippy feets! Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 2” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature […]

Brothers, Books, Administrators and Feets!

Weapon of Choice: 1978 Brother Charger 11 #K83712885 Some other books I picked up cheap this month. I really like the looks of the Administrator – all sorts of beveled edges like a diamond. Fascinating mechanical design as well. Almost all of the important bits are built into the bottom of the carriage *in between […]

The Mystery of the Hermes 3000 Reversed Backspace and Tab keys and New Stuff To Read!

Weapon of Choice: “Easy” 1964 Hermes 3000 #3246817 1959–David_Scadden-Approved_Home_Study_Course_in_Typewriter_Repair_and_Service-V1 1971-Royal-Type_Character_Combination_Catalog 1966-1975-NOMDA_Blue_Book 195x-Remington-Standard-User_Manual 1959-Remington-Standard-User_Manual 1952-Remington-Noiseless_Standard-User_Manual 194x-Remington-Noiseless_Standard-User_Manual 195x-Remington-Fleetwing-User_Manual 1953-Remington-Quiet_Riter-User_Manual 1958-RC_Allen-Visomatic-UserManual 1976-Olivetti-Lexikon_83DL-User_Manual 1970-Facit-1620-User_Manual 1920-Corona_3-User_Manual 196x-Olympia-Electric_50-Userman 196x-Olympia-SG3n-UserMan [Printed & Coil-Bound] [PDF] The Smith-Corona Series 6-7-88 Standard Typewriter Repair Bible is now available in […]