My First Olympia SM9

Weapon of Choice: “Doris Day” 1966 Olympia SM9 #3098142 Joe Van Cleave: Olympia SM3 & 9 Comparison
The “Carriage Lock Discount” as found. I suppose it needed a little work cleaning that price tag & grease pencil “Needs Some Work” off of it, but it functioned perfectly then and still does. Oh hey, now final proofing the Underwood Portables Bible. Should be available soon! (: Currently in the earholes: These seemed like appropriate picks today, with Tuesday marking 26 consecutive days in Phoenix with a temperature over 110 degrees!

Updated: July 26, 2023 — 8:02 am


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  1. I can’t log in to comment Blogger posts unless I use Chrome browser. I typically surf using Safari on my iPad, which has the typical Blogger login problem. When I want to comment a blog, I copy the URL from Safari and open Chrome and paste in the link. I have Chrome configured to remember my login when I open it. I only open Chrome to comment a blog, then I close it after.

    1. well, at least I know it’s not just me then /:

      It does appear that Opera works on my Android pad, maybe I’ll try that on the Mint box.

  2. Nice SM9 featuring a great font. When it comes to woes dealing with Blogger you’re definitely not alone Ted. But at least others are keeping up with their blogs, which is more than I can say for myself as of late.

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