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  1. You’ve certainly contributed mightily to the Typosphere, thank you. And now I’m wondering about that other “weirder” post! Guess I’ll never know!

    1. beh, all stuff I wrote during the Saturday & Sunday Zoomies – still afflicted with the brittle, black electricity racing up & down my potassiated nerve clusters. Mostly complaints about Blogger and not especially relevant notes on Etcetera. Prolly best left in the archive. (:

  2. I wanna c the weirder post!

    Your contributions to the Typosphere are beyond measure. Thank you.

    I do believe your Type-in is the first of 2023.

  3. Those Triumphs really are pretty much perfekt …

  4. Glad to see this has become a for sure event. Was just in Mesa Typewriter Excahnge chatting with Bill about this event. I am going to bring my Olivetti ICO with Simplicitas typeface. Depending on my ride situation i might bring a second machine. Try to decide what odd ones I have.

    1. Can’t wait to see ’em! (and you) :D

  5. It seems that you have too many typewriters and too little time. The first issues isn’t such a bad thing while the second issue is something that we all end up contending with. All the more reason to put something like Money Jungle on the hifi — one that I haven’t listened to in quite some time. (In my case, too many recordings and too little time would be more appropriate.)

    1. ahh, I dunno about “too many”, The Circulatory Corral has fewer than 50 still. Also, one sticks the programming in the earholes while one types with the fingersticks. (:

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