Month: June 2019

The Tucson Haul – Fixed Typer #2

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 4” 1968 Montgomery Ward 440T. I took off the return lever and leftside carriage cover, but in the end I didn’t need to (except that it allowed me to see what was wrong in the first place). You can’t put the leftside knob on anyway unless the cover is already on […]

The Adventures of Lef the Elf Murder Hobo

I occasionally play MMO games – usually one at any given time, and usually old games, mainly because the computers that I have tend to be old hand-me-downs that are happier with older games. The past few years I’ve alternated between private customized WoW servers and Trion’s Rift – games that are about 8 or […]

Friends from New Mexico & A Surprise Solution to 8-Bit Printing

Weapon of Choice: 198x Olivetti 900X #85330822 Joe Van Cleave’s Blog Post on his trip. WriteElephant’s “Letters From Nakajima“. “Scannin’, Scannin’, Scannin’” Scanned so far: 194x-Rex-O-Graph 194x-Speed-O-Print_Model_L-Instructions 194x-Woodstock-220k_SVC 195x-1962-Speed-O-Print_Parts-PriceLists 195x-Speed-O-Print_Liberator_200-Userman 197x-Brother_JP3-Parts 197x-Brother_JP4-Parts 1947-Woodstock-830k_SVC 1954-Woodstock_PPLnSVC 1955-RC-Allen_M600-M700-PnSVC 1957-1968-Copy-Rite_Duplicator 1958-Everest_K2-Parts 1959-Speed-O-Print-SVC 1962-Adler_Special-SVC 1964-Adler_Junior-10-20-30_SVC 1964-Adler_Junior-10-20-30-Parts 1964-Speed-O-Print_Copier-SVC 1967-Brother_JP2-Parts 1969-Adler_Gabriele_5000-Parts-SVC 1969-Adler_Universal-200-239-400-SVC 1970-Royal_Jupiter-10-12-12-Award-1300-SVC 1969-Royal_Jetstar-SVC 1973-Royal_690-Update-SVC 1972-Royal-590-595-790-795-Functional_Test 1974-Royal_2000_Centurion_Medallion-SVC 1962-Robotyper_Royaltyper-SVC 1955-1973-Royal_Portable_A-Parts 1959-Royal_Diana_Administrator-Parts 1955-1965-Royal_Royalite-Parts 1976-Royal_Sahara_Caravan-Adler_Tippa-Parts […]