The Tucson Haul – Fixed Typer #2

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 4” 1968 Montgomery Ward 440T.

I took off the return lever and leftside carriage cover, but in the end I didn’t need to (except that it allowed me to see what was wrong in the first place). You can’t put the leftside knob on anyway unless the cover is already on (knob won’t fit through the hole) so I had to re-install the cover, then push the knob on with this wrist-pushing grip on the machine while using my other hand to push the detent forward with a screwdriver through the bottom of the cover. If i’d known that beforehand, I’d not have to have disassembled the return lever and carriage cover to do the fix.

Updated: June 23, 2019 — 6:56 pm


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  1. Another nice fix that transforms an unusable typewriter into a goodie. And thanks for the LPS-1 tip.

  2. That’s a sweet machine. And I could’ve used that LPS tip on previous machines. Well done.

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