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Montgomery Ward Typewriters 1941-1985, Signatures, Forwards and Escorts and why certain rare Royal Typefaces can be found on Brother Typewriters!

Weapon of Choice: “Thunderbird 2” 1968 Montgomery Ward Signature 440T #B8860433 It’s been a bit since I’ve browsed through Muse Technical’s Department store catalog archive, but the other night someone asked about an 80’s-era Penncrest machine on the FB – and that set me to looking at the archive again. What I’ve found is that […]

New Age List for Aztec Typewriters!

Weapon of Choice: “Indy”, 1959 Tower Chieftain III #3YT167056 1960 Aztec (Groma) 800 = Groma Combina 1962 Aztec (Erika) 800 = Metal Shell Erika 20 1960-62 Aztec (Erika) 700 = Metal Shell Erika 10 1960-61 Aztec (Rheinmetall) 600 = Rheinmetall KsT 1963-65 Aztec (Erika) 15 = Plastic Shell Erika 15 1963-65 Aztec (Erika) 14 = […]

Smith-Corona Electric 5TE Typewriter Serial Numbers Updated!

Weapon of Choice: 1957 Tower Commander #5AT635929 The Previous 5TE Serial List: See: News timeline (mostly by: John Coleman, Peter Weil) New York Times, Atlanta Constitution – October 10, 1956 (announcement) October 21-28, 1956 (stores begin offering limited inventory) January 27, 1957 Brazeal Typewriter Co in Springfield, MO (has one at least for display) […]

Keeping Busy and Productive

Weapon of Choice: “Joanie” 1964 Hermes 3000. First casts in plastic resin, transparent because I haven’t yet gotten my mica powders in the mail. This resin is actually quite tough, and I think it’ll work perfectly. Some more TRB luv. Can’t tell you how much it warms my cockles to see people getting good use […]

Levers, Nameplates and Feets, Oh, My!

Got my bake-set clay, liquid plastic and silicon mold-making stuff today, so I decided to replicate the feet for the “Silver Bullet” Olympia SM case and build my first molds. I’ve built the masters for my Corona 4 feets, tested for perfect fit, correct height and superior desk grip. I’ll likely be doing even more […]

UJTU: The Many Platens and Worlds I’ve Enjoyed Lately

Weapon of Choice: 1957 Tower Commander. The Smith-Corona Floating Shift Typewriter Repair Bible. PDF Typewriter Books on TWDB. Weapon of Choice: “Einstein” 1956 Smith-Corona Silent. What’s in the BOX?? A buncha new service manuals to scan! Weapon of Choice: “Indy” 1959 Tower Chieftain III. Weapon of Choice: “Little Jake” 1933 Monarch. Hey, it’s been awhile […]

New TWDB “Mechanic’s Club” Patreon Tier!

Ooh, look! Patreon and Sellfy have set up an API that allows us to offer discounts at the TWDB Sellfy Store ( to TWDB Tier-level Patrons through some arcane technomagic. We’ve set up our first Patreon Tier and we waved the magic wand over it that theoretically should have set up the method by which […]

The Brothers 3

Weapon of Choice: 1971 Remington Automatic 612 (Brother JP-4) I’m also working on a package for Joe, and according to the audio letter he sent, I have about 3 months to fill up the opposite side of the tape. Well now, 3 months is enough time to fill up a whole box, I’d think. Since […]

Hermes 3000 Serial Numbers Updated!

The whole saga of translating the Hermes 3000 Service Manual started actually with a request to update the serial numbers from new info. The service manuals were that info: There it was, Jacques Perrier had uploaded his French H3K service manuals to his museum’s website, and in the front of each was some factory age […]

7 Years, 777 Posts and the Hanx Effect

Ok, here’s something interesting that I’ll call “The HANX EFFECT“, and it happens when there’s a big interview with Tom Hanks talking about his typewriter collection in some nationally aired segment in the news. Sunday there were *two* big interviews with Hanx talking about his new book, but with a heavy emphasis on his typewriter […]

Royal Model 10 Standards, Dual-Glass, Single-Glass and No-Glass – when did it happen?

  Whatever Happened to the International Typewriter Appreciation Month? The 1940 AMES American Typewriter Parts Catalog The one that started this hunt, the first known Model 10 Royal: From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Evan Pitman: 1913 Royal 10 Serial #X-173084 First Dual-Glass: From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Drew Saffell: 1915 Royal 10 […]