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Weapon of Choice: “Joanie” 1964 Hermes 3000.

First casts in plastic resin, transparent because I haven’t yet gotten my mica powders in the mail. This resin is actually quite tough, and I think it’ll work perfectly.

Some more TRB luv. Can’t tell you how much it warms my cockles to see people getting good use out of these. (:
Join the Early Typewriter Collectors Association so you can vote for me too! (also, because it’s an awesome organization with a very educational magazine on actual PAPER! :D

Also, I found a new 15% coupon code on orders of print products at Lulu, including Typewriter Repair Bibles! Use Coupon Code: “PUBLISH15” at checkout to get the discount. Coupon codes are case-sensitive. Ends July 17 at Midnight.

Updated: July 15, 2020 — 11:44 pm


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  1. My vote is for you … among others of course. Thanks for the great stuff.

  2. ooooo, all that neat stuff I’ve got to have! Great work Ted. I’m waiting for some carriage release levers.

    1. what color are you interested in? just got my mica powders, so I have 15 colors plus mixes to work with (including metallics). I can make a set to order :D

  3. All your projects are awesome.

    Those transparent carriage release levers look great, in my view!

  4. The carriage release levers are incredible. I look forward to seeing the color versions. And the merch is great – having problems deciding which design I like best.

  5. “A Blicken in every pot” – heh! Anyone who tosses off puns based on 92-year-old political campaigns is a compadre.

  6. I sort of like the clear resin with the little bubbles. Two thoughts:
    Do you think it might pay to reinforce the part that slips over the metal stub? That seems like it might be a weak point. Maybe a metal sleeve? If you like the clear look, maybe stuff some fiber glass cloth around that part. It will turn transparent when soaked with resin.

    1. Sorry, I am reading comments from latest first, so I hadn’t read the column using the hair pins and aluminum tape.

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