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The Typosphere:
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  1. So, what do I have to do to get on the mighty blog roll?

    1. post HERE with a link to your blog, and the Mighty Typosphere will hear your plea and be moved to add you (:

      1. Munk, here’s a link to my typewriter blog.

  2. Hello!

    What a great website you have! I’m so glad I found it. I have a question… I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this…

    I’m wondering if there are replacement parts for a Smith Corona Galaxy II/Galaxie II/Super Sterling. The white plastic carriage release tabs are broken on a couple of mine. I know these are a high mortality part on these machines. Do replacements for these exist?


    1. Not that I know of. I usually only pick up ones that still retain the plastic bits – even if it’s broken off, you can still epoxy it back on. If you must have one, best bet is asking around to see if someone has a parts machine with the levers intact.

      That would be a good project for someone who can do plastic fabs: Hermes platen knobs and SCM Galaxy carriage release levers. A fellow could make a mint on selling replacements. They’re notoriously brittle. :D

    2. Dave,
      Check out the facebook groups for Antique Typewriter Classifieds…and the one called Antique Typewriter Collectors. There is a gentleman, Peter Volz who can 3D print replacements for those broken SmithCorona carriage release tabs and they look EXACTLY like the ones that get broken off.

      Another David

  3. I just finished reading Burroughs, A Life (about 600 pages) and I don’t remember if it was Naked Lunch or not, but he supposedly had an Olympia like mine and Woody Allen’s. Don’t quote me on that. : )

  4. Hi Munk. I don’t know how to reach you with my questions. So, this is it. I am having a problem with the TW-DB. I have one Royal and One Corona that I can not properly identify. I am new to typewriters, so I had hoped that you might give me some direction. I have also been seeking direction from Uwe.

    My Royal is a flat top portable with crackled paint. The mystery is in its serial number. CM-96213. The prefix is not in the TW-DB nor do I find it on your blog. The crackled paint was specific to war time use, I think. However, the number would suggest 1927-28 by the TW-DB. How do I solve this one?

    My Corona is a super silent portable flat top with serial number 1C-2136. Another mystery. According to TW-DB, it does not exist. The database states that the 1C portables started in 1937 with numbers 133000 and up. What I do know is that a member of the database has one listed in their gallery. He states that Corona made 7500 of these 1C portables as flat tops in 1935. But, where is the proof. Nothing else supports this.

    Can you point me in the right direction? I would certainly appreciate it. Sorry for the long post. It was the only way I could find to reach you.

    1. 1) CM-96213 == 1939 or 1940. don’t get too hung up on the prefixes. Royal numbered pretty consistently for all portables of that era.

      2) NOMDA 54 shows 1c “Standard” portable starting in 1935, and 1C-2136 is likely 1935. note the database says “up to 1C 34770 ==1935”, indicating it’s probably a December number, not a January one, and they clearly were pumping out tens of thousands of them each year. 2136 is a completely reasonable number for 1935.

      Generally speaking, dating questions should be asked in your Typewriter Database listing. It’s more likely to get read and answered promptly, and then the info is attached to the machine record where it belongs rather than orphaned in an unrelated entry on my blog. (:

  5. I repair typewriters in Philadelphia.

    Can I be placed in THE TYPOSPHERE (LITERALLY)?

    The name of my business is “Philly Typewriter Repair”

    1. The Typosphere is for typewriting bloggers, not advertising businesses. You might try to be included on Richard Polt’s list of Typewriter Repair shops, but I suggest putting something up on your domain name other than a GoDaddy ad page, so we know you’re an actual repair shop and not some ad spammer trying to get linked.

  6. Hi
    I’d like to become a typewriter hunter.

  7. Hello,
    I’ve visited your site(s) before, and I must say I am blown away. Not too long ago, I lost a really nice manual, a Smith-Corona Galaxie II, and miss it like mad. So, perusing, trying to figure out what to replace it with (as opposed to collecting, I rather need one). Inspiring stuff you have here. Certainly going to poke about.

    1. Hit the thrifts, a Galaxie II shouldn’t be hard to find in good condition. I got one this year for $12. (:

  8. Hello, my name is Dean Hunstock and I love typewriters, I would love to attend a Pheonix Type-In but I don’t know when they are gonna be held so I asked a typewriter enthusiast on YouTube and he said to contact you (Ted Munk) saying that you might know when they are held so I was wondering if you could tell me when the next Pheonix Type-In will be held?? If you. We’d to contact me, shoot me an email at
    Dean Hunstock

  9. Help o munk please. Got Underwood portable S1132439 Was Moms and now I’m going to give it to grandson who is a typewriter kid at 14. What year and where could I get parts and maybe a manual?


  10. I have a vintage Olympia electric called the Reporter. I believe it was made in Japan. Do you know of any adjustment information available? The font height is out of whack. Thank you!

  11. Unfortunately no; that’s the Report, mine is the Reporter

  12. Dear Ted:
    I have a Corona Four (193x?) that I believe has a broken mainspring.
    If I were to attempt a repair myself, which of your manuals would be of most use to help me? The Manual Typewriter Repair Bible?
    Many thanks for your help.

    1. that one would be good for a general introduction to repair, but none of them specifically cover the Corona 4.

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