Month: June 2024

Microcassette Tape Pals Ahoy!

“30 Minutes on Microcassette” *Offer available to qualified Correspondents, terms and limitations apply.Some guidelines about the preferred content of the submitted microcassettes: This particular Series is different than the more “audio letter” kind of series I participate in. Basically what you put on the tapes should be content that you’re comfortable being passed around to […]

Mail Call: Agent K Wins The Typeface Duel

A large envelope in the mail last night from Correspondent Kevin K. Inside, a letter written in a very unique script face which he is keeping me in suspense concerning the name and details, other than it is on an Underwood Typemaster. Also enclosed was an article written by Mark Schrad on the whole “SS […]

Mail Call: Rich & Mitch in the Mail!

Two letters in the mail tonight, both from the Great State of Ohio. Richard P writes of the days of the Bush Papers and being called on for his expertise on propotionally spacing typewriters, which reminded me of being visited by a couple of County detectives wanting me to invalidate Obama’s birth certificate on typographical […]

Mail Call: Die-Cut Envelopes Ahoy!

A letter in my mailbox last night from Sue M, who mentioned in a comment on last post that her strange envelope might have gotten stuck in the mail – turns out it’s just fine! I examined the envelope when I got it, the size and construction, and came to the conclusion that it had […]

Dry Spell Creativity

No mail for a few days, and I have taken the spare time to have The Brother over for a movie swap and a recording session. Weapon of Choice: 1986 Canon TypeStar 4. Also had time to re-design all of my Correspondence Episodes for new paper and window envelopes. I’m running a bit low on […]