Microcassette Tape Pals Ahoy!

“30 Minutes on Microcassette” *Offer available to qualified Correspondents, terms and limitations apply.Some guidelines about the preferred content of the submitted microcassettes:

This particular Series is different than the more “audio letter” kind of series I participate in. Basically what you put on the tapes should be content that you’re comfortable being passed around to other weirdos with microcassette recorders. That’s about the only rule, though – found sound tapes are totally ok – if you find some vintage thrift store audio letter tape, that would be totally kosher as a submission. Music mixes with your own interstitial commentary also has a fun AM Radio vibe and works surprisingly well on microcassette – who am I to argue with Hainbach, eh? You know, surprise me! :D
I’m Awaiting Your Reply! (:

Updated: June 12, 2024 — 7:38 am


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  1. Ah, ‘it’s tempting indeed to send you a micro-cassette mix tape. Also, our friend Mitch also does micro-c.

    1. Yes, there will be competition I’m certain, but also the potential that Tom’s tape might be available from the person who does get it in a similar trade, once they’re done enjoying it. Will you claim the prize and responsibility inherent? (:

  2. Love it, Ted! I realize now I should’ve typed something on the insert.

  3. Wonderful idea!

  4. Microcassettes you say? I have a fun idea for a tape. Not sure if I should try juggling 2 tape projects long-term, as I’m already taking my sweet time on Tape Pals v1.0, but nonetheless a microcassette contribution may amuse someone. -Mitchell

    1. The clock is ticking, competition looms! :D

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