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  1. I need to find a FUNCTIONAL microcassette recorder. And a CD player. And keep typing!

  2. Just leaving a comment to report that one of the tape dispatches has arrived at its intended location. Currently feeling extreme emotions of inadequacy while gazing at the handcrafted materials. Can only hope I don’t embarrass myself too much with my own contributions towards the project. -Mitch F.

    1. Oh, that was *you*? :D
      Awesome! I had no idea..

      1. Indeed! I had a sneaking suspicion you might not have known, so I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed and introduce myself a bit better…. I’ll save all that for the correspondence. :) -Mitch F.

        1. Yay! New Adventure! :D

  3. I thought I was the only person on the planet who still uses micro and mini cassettes. I wouldn’t mind participating. Am I supposed to send you a cassette of music or just write you a letter or what? Late to the party, I am, I am.

    1. Well I dunno about minicassettes, those are rarer than hen’s teeth. I can handle Micro and Compact cassettes, full-track mono. Contents can be whatever you think will be interesting – I take audio letters, found sound, music (self-made preferred), whatever. My only requirement is that it be made with love. :D

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