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Gossen Tippa Serials Updated!

This post about a Gossen Tippa from BillM over at Fountain Pens & Typewriters prompted me to take a look at what the TWDB says about the Gossen Tippa, to see if I could improve on it and solve the mystery of the production year of Bill’s machine. TWDB is sourced from the 1955 Herstellungsdaten, […]

This Typecast Brought to You by the Letters: P-11-M

Kyle in NY’s Composer, Restored by ProfessorC Selectric Composer 88-Character Proportional Num Font Qty Name Size Style ———————————————————————————— 4022 AR-8-M 0 Aldine Roman 8 B Medium 4023 AR-8-I 0 Aldine Roman 8 B Italic 4055 AR-8-B 0 Aldine Roman 8 B Bold 4020 AR-10-M 1 Aldine Roman 10 Y Medium 4021 AR-10-I 0 Aldine Roman […]

The Green Hornet unlimbers!

Dr. Benway: You’d better help this friend of yours get off the yellow stuff. It’ll kill him. Bill Lee: How do I get him to kick? Dr. Benway: Kick? Bill Lee: H-How do I get him off it? Dr. Benway: Oh. Mix it with this. Gradually increase the percentage of black without telling your friend…  […]

Come on, ring those bells…

Drago’s margin bell is finally working 100% again (probably for the first time in decades, actually) – after examining every millimeter of the rather Rube Goldbergish margin bell system of my Underwood #5 and finding nothing specifically faulty. The problem in the end was probably one of design, as the flippy arm (#20 in illustration […]

On the Acoustics of Church Baptism Pools

1987’s version of No Laughing Matter: Nate Stiffler (drums), Ted Worthless (guitar, yeah that’s me), Scott Roman (vocal/synth), Rod Glaze (bass). From at least the late 1970’s, the church I was raised in had a very progressive view of youth ministry. That church community launched several bands over the decades, with NLM being just one. […]

It’s Beginning to Rain…

It’s beginning to rain, rain, rain – hear the voice of the father, Saying whosoever will come and drink from the water, I will pour out my spirit on my sons and my daughters, If you’re thirsty and dry, lift your hands to the sky, It’s beginning to rain… “The Only Good Bug is a […]

Test Mobile Post #2

Well, the most obvious shortcoming is the lack of good light for the phone camera inside. text is blurry due to the pathetic light. I’m hoping that the phone’s camera can do much better outside. The process of editing and uploading photos is quite easy on the Android phone, even with the relatively tiny screen, […]

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