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It’s Beginning to Rain…

It’s beginning to rain, rain, rain – hear the voice of the father, Saying whosoever will come and drink from the water, I will pour out my spirit on my sons and my daughters, If you’re thirsty and dry, lift your hands to the sky, It’s beginning to rain… “The Only Good Bug is a […]

Test Mobile Post #2

Well, the most obvious shortcoming is the lack of good light for the phone camera inside. text is blurry due to the pathetic light. I’m hoping that the phone’s camera can do much better outside. The process of editing and uploading photos is quite easy on the Android phone, even with the relatively tiny screen, […]

IBM Model 85: A Weird Mashup Indeed

Quick, name an IBM Typewriter that takes normal 96-Character Selectric III typeballs monospaced in 10 and 12 pitch, and *also* prints in proportional spacing using special “round dot” proportional typeballs? Give up? How about if I told you it was a weird mashup of the IBM Selectric III and the Wheelwriter? Yeah, it’s sort of […]

How the Gacillia Nut saved me a sh*tstorm of grief…

Hey, it’s been a slow summer, so when an email comes in promising a high-dollar job for what looks like simple HTML formatting of existing content, I give it consideration despite the prospective client’s atrocious command of the language.  Not *much* consideration, though. Sounds suspiciously like a certain Nigerian dialect common to form letters distributed […]

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