Pinned “Label Holder” Platens for Corona as late as 1957.

corona-labelplaten-0When I saw these pinned platens in the 1957 Smith-Corona Parts Manuals, they tickled a memory of Mark Adams discussing such pinned label-holder platens found in 1930’s Remington Portables. I did find one mention of such a Corona platen in Scott K.’s blog. For those interested in such contraptions, here’s a data point for you: they were sold for the Corona 4 (except “X” and “Jr.” models), the “Smith-Corona” floating shift and the Sterling (A1 and A2) and Clipper (C1 and C2) machines as late as 1957, the date of this parts manual.

corona-labelplaten-1 corona-labelplaten-2 corona-labelplaten-3 corona-labelplaten-4

Eight Distinct Models of Corona Three, as follows…

I took a trip to MTE today to drop off the books I had borrowed, and pick up a new batch. This time, among the piles I dug up 4 Parts Books from Smith Corona, of particular interest:

All Carriage Shift Models (1953 & 1957)
Includes: Corona Three, Corona Four, Junior, Zephyr and Skyriter

All Floating Shift Models (1953 & 1957)
Includes: “Smith-Corona”, Comet, Comet Deluxe, Silent, Sterling, Standard/Clipper, Super and Silent Super.

Same beautiful illustrations as the 1947 Adjustment Manuals, and chock full of interesting details, such as a list of all EIGHT Corona 3 “Models” or major variations:

corona3-intro1 corona3-intro2Oh, one thing this Parts manual suggests to me is that at least as late as 1957 you could order factory brand spanking new parts for *any* machine made by Corona as far back as 1912. If you so desired, you could probably have ordered the parts to assemble a complete “70,000 Series” Corona 3 identical to one made in 1912. Wow.


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