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New Typewriter Service Manuals at TWDB!

New service manuals at TWDB, you’ll want to check ’em out! Parts and Service Manual – Olivetti Lettera 22 Parts and Service Manual – Olivetti Studio 44 Parts and Service Manual – Olivetti Lexicon 80 Adjustment Manual – Olympia SM – 1955 AMES Basic Training Manual for Standard Typewriters – 1968 Adjustment Manual, Smith-Corona “6-Series” […]

UJTU: Will 2016 never end?

It’s been a rough year, hasn’t it? It’s got the feels in spades, and chaos reigns. The future looms full of change that is shaped by rough uncertainty – the road ahead enveloped in a dark thundercloud, forks of lightning striking potholes into the many forks in the road itself. Like Jonah heading for the […]

Ephemera Dump: 7th Phoenix Type-In, 2016

Operative Joe has recounted his mission and initial report already from the run he made to PHX from the ABQ. It was excellent meeting our fellow insurgent and sharing the Gospel of St. Christopher Sholes with the peoples of the Republic of First Draft. Many greets and funs were had and the Central Committee agrees […]

W. H. Bennington: Gambler, Scoundrelly Politician, Horse Lover, Boodler, Spy, Shotgun Slayer of Felines, Mental Scientist and Typewriter Designer.

“And Satan Appeared in Kansas City…” A collection of news clippings from 1891-1908 tracing the activities of one Wesley (AKA: William) H. Bennington in the years up to his first *five* typewriter companies. For the first 3 years of his active political life, Bennington appears to have been a well-liked and active member of his […]

Typewriter Database Update: Molle!

Well, this one wasn’t bad, though I did all the grunt work of hunting down sources before I found Robert Messenger’s blog post from Jan, 2013 where he’d already done most of that grunt work. Turned out to be a good thing, as I turned up just a couple bits that prolly weren’t available when […]

Feelin’ The Bird…

Yeah, with the whole fiasco of the Arizona Primaries and the past week’s incessant news of Trump and Cruz abandoning politics and policy speeches to instead trade insults and allegations about each others wives, the 2016 race can seem pretty relentlessly negative. However, today we got a little reminder about the basic difference in attitude […]

Well, maybe America Deserves to be Trumped…

WARNING – ANGRY POLITICAL RANT FOLLOWS: By now you’ve probably read an article or two about the absolute disaster of painfully obvious voter disenfranchisement and outright primary election-rigging that happened a couple of days ago in Arizona. 800,000 voters in Maricopa County where I live were forced to spend all day waiting in lines at […]

UJTU: The Revolution Marches on

It’s an interesting thing to watch something you have long thought of as a very niche interest, in this case a love and interest in old manual writing machines, burgeon into a cultural phenomena. Today I learned that the Typewriter Revolution has spread to other parts of my state, and an article in the Prescott, […]

Sighted: 1934 Woodstock 5

Not the sort of grab I’d make at that price, but had to snap some sightings photos and get the serial number. 1934 Woodstock 5, with a great old “Robert E DeBarth” dealer sticker, and that guy is still around recovering platens and doing repairs! :D 1934 Woodstock 5 @ The Typewriter Database

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